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Dofi Jet Boats schedules

The following list of schedules and destinations that we offer are for the current season. To receive more precise information, you can consult the availability of our services using the following calendar.

So when do you want to sail?

Direction towards Tossa de Mar Departures

Fenals (Lloret de Mar)09:4011:4013:0514:3015:50
Lloret de Mar09:5011:2513:0014:2015:45
Tossa de Mar10:3512:2513:4515:1016:35

Direction towards Fenals (Lloret de Mar) Departures

Tossa de Mar10:4512:3013:4515:1517:15
Lloret de Mar11:2513:0014:2015:4517:45
Fenals (Lloret de Mar)11:3513:0514:3015:5017:50

Underwater viewing stop. there is no underwater vision stop on the last trip towards Tossa.

Both the schedules and the stops for the underwater viewing can be changed without prior notice. We recommend requesting more information from the staff located at the stands.